Information sessions “Corruption in Ukraine: perception and reality”

For roundtable participants to be discussed experts of the Institute of Applied Humanitarian Research offered the results of research in two presentations: "Are Ukrainians as corrupt as they think they are?" and "Are Ukrainians as upset about corruption as they say they are?" During the information sessions there were questions to content of presentations, and then there was a discussion on various aspects of anti-corruption activities in Ukraine.
Studies were conducted in 2009 - 2011 by the Institute of Applied Humanitarian Research. They were held using quantitative and qualitative sociological methods, such as a country surveys, surveys of target groups: entrepreneurs, civil servants, police officers, journalists, NGO representatives, and focus groups and depth interviews conducting.
There were contradictory attitudes of the population of Ukraine to corruption. The vast majority of Ukrainian perceives corruption as a fairly common phenomenon in Ukraine, although this perception is based mainly not on personal experience but on the information from mass media and political declarations. The very concept of "corruption" in the public consciousness is becoming increasingly blurred. More people cease to recognize corruption those actions that are recognized as corruption by the law.
On the one hand there is a negative perception and attitude toward this phenomenon, and on the other - there is a functional relationship to corruption, i.e. using corrupt practices to achieve own goals. This pattern of behavior is characteristic not only for business but also for the population in common. As a consequence despite of the recognition of corruption and negative attitude towards it there is small part of people that is willing and ready to participate in the activities to overcome corruption, and refuse to deal in corrupt way to solve business and other problems.
During the information sessions comments and observations on the research were received and taken into account forming the final report on the research and development of recommendations for Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. The positive aspect was the presence of Ministry of Justice officials on presentations. First, they have heard from the public their vision of contemporary issues and suggestions on improving measures to combat corruption and secondly they demonstrated openness and willingness to cooperate with public.

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