Project “Protection of persons that suffered from xenophobia and racism in eastern Ukraine” is completed.

The project is part of the long-term goals (mission) of the Institute of Applied Humanitarian Research. From its inception (in 1999) Institute works on the protection of human rights.
On the results of project activities there were:
• defined attitudes toward victims of xenophobia and racism and their defense;
• isolated cases of misuse of the relevant legislation and identified legislative gaps in this field;
• identified problems encountered by law enforcement agencies in xenophobia and racism cases (qualification, specifics of asserting and using substantive and procedural law, need for further information, etc.);
• developed recommendations on improving the procedure for obtaining legal aid for xenophobia and racism victims in eastern oblasts of Ukraine and Crimea.

During the project experts of the Institute have monitored the activities of law enforcement agencies (police, courts) in two regions of Ukraine (Donetsk and Kharkov) and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.
The general trend observed during monitoring, is the low level of official indicators for offenses committed by hate. That means that the indicators do not reflect the real state of things. It should be noted that the prosecution bodies in the regions publish the information, including the protection of persons (in general) (statistical reporting "On the work of Attorney") and information about the crimes for which prosecutors involved (statistical reporting "On the operation of the criminal investigation ") regularly.
Analysis of the prosecution bodies’ activities in three regions shows that in Kharkiv and Donetsk regions during the first half of 2012 case files on article 161 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine were not considered by the Prosecution. In Crimea 1 case in which the investigation is completed by the prosecution bodies against one person per article 161 of the Criminal Code sent to court.
In the field of human rights protection only in Kharkiv region the one case being referred to the group of "Xenophobia, Migration and Refugees" with taking measures, regulations and views. However, from a statistical reporting it is not clear whether this case involved issues of xenophobia.

More details of the monitoring results can be found in the section "Publication and research" in the field "Protection of foreigners and refugees in Ukraine."


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