Institute of Applied Humanitarian Research is implementing the grant program "Citizen report cards (CRC) survey on public satisfaction of court performance"

        Project is designed to extend the initiatives implemented by the USAID Project “Ukraine Rule of Law” (UROL) worked from 2006 to 2011.
          The main goal of the project is to obtain information on the degree of users’ satisfaction with the quality of services provided by courts through surveys of participants of judicial proceedings at the pilot courts, identifying the aspects that require improvement, and making recommendations on the ways of improving the quality and availability of the abovementioned services.
       The Project’s subject matter is in line with the strategic objectives of the organization that, for the last seven years, has been systematically studying judicial issues, including through empirical social research (in the last three years through Citizen Report Cards).
       The Institute conducts surveys of courts visitors using the methodology of Citizen Report Cards, a series of focus groups with judges and court staff, analyzes the results obtained in the framework of the grant program in 6 courts: Kharkiv District Administrative Court, Kharkiv Appellate Administrative Court, the Appellate Court of Donetsk region, Petrovsky District Court of Donetsk, Ordzhonikidze District Court of Mariupol, Economic Court of Dnipropetrovsk region.
      On the research results Analytical reports and recommendations of improving the quality and availability of legal services are to be prepared and published,  its presentation in the final round tables for informing the public, judges, mass media and other interested parties of the survey results is planned.
        The project is carried out from May, 2012 to January, 2013.

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