Employment sphere and working conditions for people with disabilities are to be more accessible

Project purpose is to support implementation of EU standards in Ukraine in employment of persons with disabilities by empowering relevant NGOs on representation, protection and active participation of persons with disabilities in employment, public assessment of the introduction of regulations concerning labor disabilities in partnership with government and non-governmental institutions, improving the mechanisms for implementing these standards at the local regulation.

Nowadays the employment area for people with disabilities is not readily available. Current legislation and regulations contain flaws, some question the workplace disabilities lacks regulation both at the legislative and local levels. To people with disabilities there prejudice, society is not ready to accept the disabled as equal participants in the labor market.

The sign of civil society in developed countries is two-way communication with stakeholders, public institutions, especially NGOs engaged in affirmation of the legitimate rights and interests of certain social groups. Given the urgency of Ukraine's adherence to the principle of equal treatment, the prohibition of all forms of discrimination by public organizations of disabled persons should be provided and guaranteed more likely to attract disabled people to society primarily through legislative establishment of new forms of cooperation with relevant NGOs government, on one hand, and disabled on the other.

The project is to be implemented in 5 regions of Ukraine: Kharkov (Institute of Applied Humanitarian Research, Kharkiv Human Rights Group - information support), Lutsk (Volyn Oblast NGO "Local Development Fund"), Lvov (Lviv Regional Association of Disabled Ukrainian organizations of disabled persons), Feodosiya (NGO young disabled "Rehabilitation Center"), Cherkassy (Coalition of youth NGOs Cherkassy region "Young Powerbase").
Expected results:
• Review of national practices for the implementation of EU standards in the field of employment for disabled people choice and pressing them in modern terms;
• strengthening the role of non-governmental organizations specialized in the development, adoption and implementation of monitoring compliance regulations governing the employment rights of the disabled persons;
• preparation lawdrafts for the implementation of selected EU standards in the field of employment, lobbying, promotion of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and other acts of the EU concerning the issues of employment and employment of the disabled.

The project provides free legal services to people with disabilities on employment and working conditions in these regions by the specialists of NGOs - partners of the project for three months in 2013. Date of this activity will be notified later.

Project duration is 10 months. Project starts on January 10, 2013.

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