Analytical center

Analytical Center conducts large scale sociological and political-legal studies of problems in modern Ukraine. Director of Analytical Center is Doctor of law Olexandr Serdyuk.

Analytical Center has prepared and published a number of analytical materials. The most significant among them are directed to study the ratio of Ukrainian legislation with the Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms in 1950; the fight against corruption in Ukraine; the legal status of AIDS patients; the legal status of foreigners and refugees in Ukraine; legislation and practice of commercial disputes resolution in Ukraine; legislation and practices concerning the resolution of election disputes in Ukraine; the legal aspects of media participation in the electoral process, relations between the courts and media, gender issues. Within the center the legislative activity and examination of law drafts is carried out. Researchers and practitioners who collaborate with the Institute have considerable experience in developing legislation.

Employees of the Institute

Iryna Pidkurkova

Expert of sociological service of the Analytical Center of the Institute of Applied Humanitarian Research

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