Expert-consultative center

Experts-consultative Center provides free legal counseling and carries out conferences, professional trainings and seminars on legal issues. Director of Expert-consultative Center is Candidate of law Igor Osyka.

Every year Expert-consultative Center provides consultations to thousands of citizens and lawyers on human rights matters. Within the Center free legal aid is permanently carried out to non-governmental organizations (NGOs, foundations). The Center also provides specialized legal aid to refugees, migrants, persons seeking asylum in Ukraine .In 2001-2007 the Institute became an authorized partner of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. In 2001-2003 the Institute became a base for training and practice for students of legal clinic.

Expert-consultative Center provides extensive work on organization and holding of conferences, professional trainings and seminars on legal issues in Ukraine. The main target audience for training is judges, prosecutors, lawyers and public servants, journalists (total over 200 events). Scientists who collaborate with the Institute, have been invited for presentations at conferences and as experts and trainers in Ukrainian and foreign institutions. The most ambitious and significant events of the Institute in this field are trainings in election law which took place in 2004-2006 in all regions of Ukraine in cooperation with the Supreme Court of Ukraine and the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine; training on anti-corruption legislation conducted in 2005-2009 in all regions of Ukraine in cooperation with the Supreme Court of Ukraine, Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and the Attorney General's Office of Ukraine; training on the Ukraine courts' application the Convention for the protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of 1950 conducted in 1998-2004 in cooperation with the Supreme Court of Ukraine in all regions of Ukraine.

Scientific and educational, scientific and methodological activities carried out by Expert-consultative Center, namely: development of guidance to lawyers regarding law enforcement, preparation of educational publications (books, manuals), collections of documents, collection of judgments. The Center has experience in developing educational programs on multimedia.

Employees of the Institute

Igor Osyka

PhD in Law, LL.M (USA)

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